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Mirror Symmetry seminar

A learning seminar on the mathematical aspects of 2D Mirror Symmetry, particularly the Homological Mirror Symmetry (HMS) conjecture. We will meet on Tuesdays from 14:00-17:00 in the QM Seminar Room. It is also registered as the course Advanced topics in geometry and topology as a PhD course in SDU.

Anyone is welcome to attend and/or give talks. Graduate students are required to give a talk to receive credit. If you want to join, please contact me directly. A rough outline of the schedule of the talks is given below. This schedule may be subject to change.

# Date Topics Speaker Reference
Talk 1 07/09 An overview of Mirror Symmetry Bingyu [Aspinwall]
Talk 2 14/09 An overview of Mirror Symmetry II Bingyu [Aspinwall]
Talk 2 29/09 Coherent sheaves Adrian [Vakil]
Talk 3 06/10 Derived category of coherent sheaves Joël [Huybrechts]
Talk 4 12/10 Beilinsen theorem for $D^b\mathrm{Coh}(\mathbb{P}^n)$ Yuki [Huybrechts]
Talk 5 26/10 Floer homology Alyosha [Auroux]
Talk 6 02/11 Fukaya Category Siva [Auroux]
Talk 7 09/11 HMS of elliptic curve Shomrik [Polishchuk-Zaslow]
Talk 8 23/11 HMS of $\mathbb{P}^2$ Matthias  
Talk 9 31/11 TBD    
Talk 10 07/11 TBD    
Talk 11 14/12 TBD    
Talk 12 TBD TBD    
Talk 13 TBD TBD    
Talk 14 TBD TBD    
Talk 15 TBD TBD    


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Online resources:

Denis Auroux, Topics in Differential Geometry

Workshop: Homological Mirror Symmetry, 2015 at Hebrew University

James Pascaleff, Homological Mirror Symmetry